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So this is what a 50lb loss looks like -

That's a size 44 on the jeans (I had sneaked back up to 48" at mid January) and that's a shirt that I couldn't fit into...even to wear around the house. This is me, at 300lbs...January 16th, 2011, I was back up to 350-ish.

I still have a ways to go, but, feels GOOD to be ALMOST back to my lowest weight of 289..but I'm not going to stop...I'm continuing until I'm somewhere between 225 lbs and 255 lbs.





Nikon D200

Vanity...but it's deserved...

  So, I haven't really had any reason to wear my suit in the past couple of years...except for this past NYE...
Last night I did have a reason...

...And I went back and looked at a couple of from when I was fitted for my suit; when it was buttoned, it was just a smidge tight. NYE, I wore my suit and felt a little too restricted (Being 40lbs heavier and not being able to button it COMFORTABLY)...and then there was me putting it on last night...

So, my friends...does it really look like I've dropped nearly 40 lbs in 2 months? You tell me...

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Yeah, I think I look better in my suit NOW than I did when I had it fitted. The front now closes over itself...and I can actually see a slimmer me, which I like.

As a friend of mine said, "A bit GQ now, aren't we?" - it was a nice compliment.
So, that's my little bit of vanity.
Nikon D200

Weight loss photo

 Just prior to leaving Portland for a little while, I re-joined WW and was running on the old points system.

I've been away from PDX for a bit and have dropped 20 lbs!

At the meeting today, I lost that  5.6 lbs that put me into losing 20 lbs...

The shirt in the photo wouldn't fit by about an inch a month ago!



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Weight loss!

Mid-week loss per my home scale -

-1.7 lbs!

I'll have to verify this at my gym, but, I'm very happy!

That makes the two week loss as 6.4 lbs!

I'll weigh again on Friday to see how much of a (total) loss I've had for the week.


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Weight loss FTW!!

After my long post from last week (See link below) I jumped back on the proverbial horse and stuck to my points. Sadly, not as closely as I should have, but, it did help.

I've lost 4.3 lbs in the past week!!

The LONG post about what I was going thru...

Unfortunately, I'm a victim of being unemployed, so, I'm not attending meetings. I have worked program before losing 120 pounds, so, I know how to work the points system...and this AWESOME loss is proof of that!

And my "normal" weigh in days are every, who knows what tomorrow might say!

17LBs down, First Vanity Post

My HW/WW Starting Weight on 12/31/09: 283.6
My current weight as of Week 11: 266.6

17.0lbs down

Both are candids other people posted of me on Facebook. I think that's one of the best ways to show how others see you. The first is from a friend's wedding 2 days after my very first weigh in and the other is yesterday at the Kite Festival in Austin. Not a drastic difference, but it certainly was a lot more fun lugging myself around 17lbs lighter than I was!

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Photo Update

I'm back with another photo update. I don't know if any of you remember me, but I've posted off and on for a while. I started Weight Watchers in February of 2007 at 416.6 pounds, and I'm now 164.

Before at about 420-ish pounds

These were taken yesterday. I'm currently 164 pounds.

Excuse my nerdness here.