The Urban Quilter (urban_quilter) wrote in ww_vanity,
The Urban Quilter

Two months in

Twenty pounds down!

Feb 01 10/223 PhotobucketApr 01 10/203Photobucket

  • Photo

    So this is what a 50lb loss looks like - That's a size 44 on the jeans (I had sneaked back up to 48" at mid January) and that's a shirt…

  • Vanity...but it's deserved...

    So, I haven't really had any reason to wear my suit in the past couple of years...except for this past NYE... Last night I did have a reason...…

  • Vanity

    I'm down -3.5 lbs this week. That's nearly 30 lbs in 40 days. What does everyone think? Thanks! ¬Dusty

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