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[ apologies ]

As the mod of this community, I must sincerely apologize for dropping off of the face of the earth! I graduated from medical school, became a real doctor, work 80 hours a week, gained a crazy amount of weight, etc.

Please do continue posting and I will do the best that I can to go through all of the previous posts, make memories, remove non-picture posts and catch-up on all the modly-things I've been missing.

Again, so sorry!

Photo update

Hi everyone. I hope some of you remember me. I posted some before and after photos several months ago, and I thought I'd do another update. I've been following WW since February of 2007, and so far I've lost 235 pounds. I started out at 416 pounds, and I'm now at 181 pounds. My highest weight ever was 446 pounds in 2004.

Here's a before. I'm not sure of the exact weight here, but it was probably around 420-ish. It's from about 2001.

These are the most recent at 181 pounds.

rollins trippy

Dude whoa.

Whoa, dude. Took my time getting up and getting dressed, and pulled on a fuzzy and warm but surprisingly lightweight sweater. Looked at the sweater, and realized that I had a perfect chance to take a picture for comparison. Collapse )

Weight Loss Update!

Just wanted to post an update on my weight loss.

I started at the end of August 2008.

Start Weight - 377.6 pounds
Current Weight - 318 pounds
Total Loss to date - 59.6 pounds

So here's my most recent pictures!!

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Hi, new to the community!

This is my first time posting.  I just found this site :)
All of my before pictures were taken August 2008, and the after were taken tonight, 11/25/08
Glad I found this community!  I had friend point it out to me, and it's pretty awesome.  Very inspirational!

I know, it's going the wrong way, but it worked better given the pictures that I have.  I'm actually going to take some pictures tonight that will be a lot better.  But, I thought that this would at least show a little difference (I'll do full body later).

I think it's kind of hard to tell because of the angles, but it gives an idea.  I just did this to show an online friend, so thought I'd share.  I've still got a long way to go, obviously!

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Hi! I've just found this community and joined. I thought I'd post some of my pictures from my weight loss journey. I started losing February 14th, 2007 and am down 202 pounds. I started at 416 pounds, and have about 78 more to go. Now, onto the pictures!

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so i realized over the weekend i've kept the majority of my weight off for a year now. i got lifetime on october 30th of last year.

so just to let everyone know, it is possible!

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i don't see a huge difference in the photos (body dysmorphia, anyone? :) but i'm 2 sizes smaller, i have more energy, and i feel better.

keep it up! be in that 10 percent that keeps the weight off permanently!

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